Prenatal Care

As your baby is growing, undoubtedly you've noticed changes in your body.  These changes will begin altering how your body bears weight & can lead to pressure on tissues and structures that were not previously a problem.  

As a father of 4, Dr. Anco has personally seen how Chiropractic care has played a pivotal role in the healthy & safe pregnancies of his own wife.  Having helped numerous women through this sometimes challenging time in life, we are confident that you too can benefit from what safe & natural Chiropractic care can offer.


Just some examples of treatment include: Pre-Natal Massage, Specific Corrective Exercises and Stretches, Pre-Natal Spinal-Pelvic Adjustments.

Dr. Anco evaluates how your body is functioning and addresses the dysfunctional tissue(s) so as to remove as much tension, pressure and interference as possible to make your pregnancy a pleasant experience.

Not sure if Chiropractic can help? Give us a call, shoot us a text or simply request a consult or appointment through the website & Dr. Anco would be happy to discuss your concerns.

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